Middle School

JUMP Program

Junior Upcoming Medical Professionals (JUMP) clubs

  • Health Career Exploration
  • Hands-On Project-Based Learning
  • Fieldtrips to Hospitals & STEM Educational Events
  • Skills Competitions
  • Leadership Development
Group of kids outside wearing red hats.

Students who know that they need a college degree for the jobs that interest them are more likely to go to college.

Career Fairs

Kids at a college fair.Encouraging students to explore careers that interest them is a key way to demonstrate the relevance of a college degree. A Career and College Fair (or similar event) raises awareness about the importance of college, connects students with many different professions and gives community members a chance to share their expertise with students.

  • Gonzalez Middle School
  • La Paz Middle School
  • El Sausal Middle School

MUREP Aerospace Academy (NASA MAA)

Kids playing with a NASA simulator.The MUREP (Minority University Research and Education Project) Aerospace Academy is now at Hartnell College and it has replaced SEMAA (Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academy) Program.

Recently, Hartnell College became one of the nine new NASA STEM Education sites selected through a rigorous and open nation-wide competition.

The predecessor to the NASA MAA was the NASA Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Aerospace Academy, or SEMAA, which began in 1993, as a partnership between the NASA Glenn Research Center and Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio. In 2011, Hartnell was the first campus on the West Coast to offer the SEMAA program. Through the SEMAA Program, Hartnell has served over 10,000 students.


Recognizing the need to increase the number of American youth who have an effective, authentic STEM experience each year prior to completing high school, and the need for NASA to do an internal consolidation, SEMAA was incorporated into MUREP. This incorporation created additional funding and learning opportunities to attract and retain underserved and underrepresented youth in grades K-12. NASA MAA advances student development through activity components that are fully integrated to form a comprehensive support system. Through its components, MAA delivers: (1) Curriculum Enhancement Activities (CEA), hands-on curriculum activities relevant to NASA missions, (2) an Aerospace Education Laboratory (AEL), and (3) an innovative Family Café.

Program link: http://www.hartnell.edu/NASA-MAA

For more information contact Maggie Melone-EchiburĂș (Director of K-12 STEM Programs) at (831) 755-6970 or mmelone@hartnell.edu.